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The Easy CPR Solution

Have you ever experienced how overwhelming, vague, frustrating and inconvenient CPR classes can be?
Did you ever think getting CPR Certified could be easy??

CPRmobile provides you, friends, family, co-workers or company any easy time efficient way to get trained NOW.

CPRmobile Offers, through AHA, BLS for Healthcare and CPR for everyone.

  • On Demand, Online Training
  • In Person Skill Check (30 minutes)
  • Digital CPR Cards to your email (free replacements)
  • Early Expiration Notification

How Do You Sign Up?

1. Go to Contact Us Page
2. Email us what you are getting certified for (work, family, company)
3. We send further instruction and are always available via phone
4. Become Certified. Period.

Discover how good it can Feel to get the support you deserve.


What People Are Saying About CPRmobile?


Q: Is this a certified CPR service?

A: Yes, all instructors teaching through CPRmobile are certified to teach CPR. Our training center is located in Alpharetta, GA and is in good standing with the AHA. We never sign off on a CPR card without hands on training, a previous AHA online course completion certificate, skills checkoffs, and for BLS students an exam after the class. We never give a certification card for online only courses, nor do we support online only CPR certification courses.

Q: What is an Online CPR Workshop?

A: Easy CPR Workshops are in-person or online non-certification trainings. We get rid of the techno jargon, the boring crappy parts, and get right to the important stuff. It’s an interactive class specifically designed for new or almost new parents! It’s meant to equip the almost parent/parent with the tools to avoid disaster at home.

Q: I already received a card online but my boss won’t accept the card. Can you help me?

A: Anytime there is a purchase for an Online Only CPR certification you need to know the facts. These courses might follow the AHA guidelines but you will NOT be certified through the AHA without taking a course created or instructed by a certified AHA instructor. If you have already spent the money there is a way to get a refund. By law the online businesses MUST give you a full refund if the certification is rejected by your place of work. Call us if you need help.

Q: Is Adult, Child and Infant CPR included in the training or is it separate?

A: No matter the class we will always go through Adult, Child and Infant CPR. We may focus on one more than the other but we are required to cover each one.

Q: Do I have to take a test?

A: Only in the BLS health care provider course is a test required. All other training’s will have an optional test you can take.

Q: What is a blended course?

A: A blended course is the AHA’s new online and skill check class. Now you can take the informational portion of the course anytime, anywhere at your own speed and then meet your instructor for a short in person skills session. Remember, if you don’t compress a dummy, you aren’t certified through the AHA!

Q: How do I know what kind of CPR certification I need?

A: An easy way to understand this is by splitting the certification into two categories. Health care and non health care. If you work in the health care industry you are always required to get what’s called BLS or Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider. For non health care or layperson certification you will need the Heartsaver course and most likely First Aid.

Q: Can’t I just pay 20$ and get a card online?

A: Yes and No. These courses may offer a comparable online course but in order to be certified through American Heart Association you NEED to have a skills session in person. If you don’t touch a CPR dummy you aren’t properly certified. Our concern isn’t handing out cards and making a quick buck, it’s making sure people can actually perform CPR. Why else are you learning the information if you can’t use it?

Q: Can you do a midnight class?

A: Yes absolutely! We love giving people options and if you need a class at midnight, that’s what you’ll get!