Is Successful CPR Impossible?

Having chest pain? Maybe you should read this before you eat that cheeseburger.

Stats are hard to ignore. Especially this one:

90% of people die due to sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital.


As a professional in the field I’m clearly not happy with this number. You mean to tell me that our society has a 10% success rate with CPR?
No that’s not really the case. There are many factors that play into who lives and who dies because of cardiac arrest.

Example? There is a vein on our heart called ‘The Widowmaker’ named such because if it becomes blocked and causes a heart attack?…
enough said. (Also see)

In this case if CPR isn’t started within minutes and an ambulance doesn’t arrive in time, this person has little chance of survival. Also against our fight for life is inadequate CPR. The overly timid or overly zealous compressors could either be ineffective or further damaging the heart.

So what do we do? How do we fight back against this 90%?
Practice, awareness, visualization, preparing your family, being self prepared, encouraging regular workshops at home.

What can instructors and other professionals do?
As healthcare professionals we have an obligation to our patients and the public to serve as translators of information.

CPRmobile sees it as our responsibility to keep ourselves open as a resource for the general public. We are always here to help and even come in for training.

Whatever you do, never stop learning. One article a week? A video a month?
Good! Keep up your interest and share with others.

If you need help hit our Contact Us Page.

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