Why Blended CPR Certification?

Online CPR certifications are fake. But there’s still an easier way to get certified! No more 4 hour classes. If you have a computer, tablet or cell phone you can be certified. Read More….

What is a Blended CPR course?

It’s the evolution of CPR training.

This version is available through all CPR organizations (such as American Heart Association, Red Cross, and ASHI). All of these programs are designed as a two step process.

First the student (that’s you) purchases the appropriate online course through the instructor OR through the organization.

BEWARE OF SCAMS! Online Only courses are not the same.

After the student takes the online portion and passes they will schedule a time with their instructor to perform the skills checkoff. This is the part that is absolutely required to finish your certification!!

After the skills check is finished you will receive an email with your certification card in it!

Your CPR card is good for 2 years. You can keep it on your phone, email, digitally, on paper… however you can think of it your card will be there!

Article written by Jason Robustelli BHS, RRT, BLS Instructor

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CPRmobile provides AHA Certified CPR Instructors and Guaranteed Certifications. For validation of the information shared please read further information via AHA’s official website.

Online CPR – It’s Not What You Think

Online CPR certification is a waste of money and time. Read why you should avoid it!

When searching for online CPR classes you’ll immediately find a slew of sponsored AD’s blaring to the universe how low cost, effective, and overall great their program is.

We will provide refunds if your employer / institution does not accept our online course, and if this denial can be confirmed.

An Online CPR program’s money back policy (excerpt)

What does this mean?
Even though they say they’re ‘Accredited’ this means nothing. There is no governing body approving CPR courses in the United States. It is purely up to local rules and regulations to approve of the use of a CPR program.

So technically you CAN do online CPR, but do you really want to? There is 0 requirement to pass the online course before taking a quiz. This ‘quiz’ can be taken as many times as you want. After the quiz you pay and get a printable CPR card.

If anyone coming from this program can perform effective CPR, we would love to see that. All these programs ACTUALLY do is damage the efficacy of CPR training turning it into a nightmare for people who are required to hold a CPR certification.

What can you do?
CPRmobile is always available to answer questions and provide guidance. Even if you’re at a distance we can provide you with enough guidance to take a course that is right for you.

If you would like to do a training with us please see more of our options below. We would love to have you!

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Do You STOP Breathing?

Do you stop breathing at night? Are you irritable and don’t sleep well? You may have a serious condition.

Like the title asks, are you not breathing when you sleep?

Do you feel like you can’t sleep enough?
Have you fallen asleep driving?
Do you feel irritable most days?
Do you have trouble staying asleep?
Do you wake up gasping?

All of these questions poke at one problem. Sleep apnea.
What is sleep apnea?
It’s a common and potentially serious condition literally meaning: no breathing during sleep.

So what if I stop breathing when I sleep? What’s the worst that could happen?
According to various studies through the American Association of Respiratory Therapy, American Heart Association, Mayo Clinic and numerous other institutions (Google: sleep apnea research) are finding links related to Diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

So what’s the worst that could happen? You could be spending significant time in the hospital, doctors office and spending huge amounts of money on your health care. The end point is very uncomfortable to talk about. As a clinician based business we have seen first hand the destruction it can cause.

We are here to help. Clicking on the links above will bring you to helpful documents. We are also providing a free PDF to help you figure out if you need to see a doctor. (original creators of this document can be found here)

As always, we recommend seeing a licensed medical doctor or specialist. Although we are practicing medical providers we are not doctors. We give advice only. You are ultimately responsible to seek qualified care.

We are always here for questions! Contact us

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Is Successful CPR Impossible?

Having chest pain? Maybe you should read this before you eat that cheeseburger.

Stats are hard to ignore. Especially this one:

90% of people die due to sudden cardiac arrest outside of the hospital.


As a professional in the field I’m clearly not happy with this number. You mean to tell me that our society has a 10% success rate with CPR?
No that’s not really the case. There are many factors that play into who lives and who dies because of cardiac arrest.

Example? There is a vein on our heart called ‘The Widowmaker’ named such because if it becomes blocked and causes a heart attack?…
enough said. (Also see)

In this case if CPR isn’t started within minutes and an ambulance doesn’t arrive in time, this person has little chance of survival. Also against our fight for life is inadequate CPR. The overly timid or overly zealous compressors could either be ineffective or further damaging the heart.

So what do we do? How do we fight back against this 90%?
Practice, awareness, visualization, preparing your family, being self prepared, encouraging regular workshops at home.

What can instructors and other professionals do?
As healthcare professionals we have an obligation to our patients and the public to serve as translators of information.

CPRmobile sees it as our responsibility to keep ourselves open as a resource for the general public. We are always here to help and even come in for training.

Whatever you do, never stop learning. One article a week? A video a month?
Good! Keep up your interest and share with others.

If you need help hit our Contact Us Page.

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AHA VS Red Cross VS ASHI VS Safety Training

CPR class can be a confusing choice often left up to you without understanding what you’re buying. Buyer beware.

C P R – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
The fabled training that will give you all the confidence and experience in the world.
It is said that by taking a CPR, AED, First Aid class it will prepare you for the world of saving lives. As a young boy of 15 I was taking Lifeguard training, which included CPR, First Aid.
I can tell you from experience, the first time I saw someone who might need CPR I was very hesistant to even lift a finger. I’ll bet I’m not alone in the ‘Oh Shit’ moment I had.

All that being said we need to dive a little deeper into, what I call, The Big 3.

American Heart Association

American Red Cross

American Safety and Health Institute

What’s the difference?
Why take a CPR class from any of these organizations?
What benefits do they have for taking one or the other?

As far as I can tell there are only a few distinctions.

  • AHA is the research based organizations run by cardiologists (heart doctors). If you read through the site you find they are globally connected with the international community.
  • Red Cross is a disaster relief and lay person specific organization (non-medically trained person). The kinds of training, including CPR, are for rescue workers, blood donations, and other volunteer opportunities.
  • ASHI is more ‘man on the ground’ type organization. Meaning they seem to focus on EMS/Ambulance teams.

So… the question now is… What the heck do I choose? All I want to do is make sure my family is safe if we go to the pool, do I really have to choose between 400,000 (approximately) CPR instructors all offering Red Cross, AHA, and ASHI?
Our advice?
Call local CPR businesses and find out what they recommend.
Ask questions and clarify what you don’t understand.
If you feel good about taking the class, go for it.
If you get a bad feeling, DON’T DO IT!

You can always Contact Us if you need help.

The choice ultimately is left up to you which means you’ll likely choose the cheapest most convenient option (aka Youtube). There is a reason you are tested in person. The skills are not easy and having a coach is really important. In another post we can talk more about the classes but for now understand…

CPR/First Aid is a process not just a skill set, and mastery of this process is possible.

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CPR: What NOT To Do

What you shouldn’t do during CPR!


CPR is a simple process and if done correctly, or at all, could help save someone’s life.
BUT! Even a well meaning person might do something to hurt the victim.

Example? Look no further than this article. It outlines the steps you should take to make sure someone needs CPR. Their first step? To SHAKE and shout at someone to see if they’re awake.

Shaking is a bad term. It says “I need to rattle this guys brain out of his head!” Whether you do or not, the act of shaking anyone is a BAD idea! Adult, child or infant shaking can have a negative effect on a head/neck injury, or maybe even cause one.
Watch the content you consume. Especially with healthcare related articles or online certification programs.
CPRmobile is born from registered, accredited and trained medical professionals. We know that online training is an excellent tool to learn from.
BUT, when training in a physical process like CPR, its very important to take a skills test. It’s harder than you would think, and getting the feel
is more important than you think!

For questions about our CPR Certification courses email us at Info@CPRmobile.biz, or go to our Contact Us page.

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What is CPR Used For?

Do you know what CPR is used for? Find out and have a laugh all at the same time. CPR is serious, but you don’t need to be serious to learn!


CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a process used when someone is either not breathing or their heart isn’t beating and is not breathing. CPR is the general name for the classic course required for many employees, camp counselors, nanny’s, or anyone in healthcare.

Why? Because it is the fastest way to save someone’s life if they happen to have a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. The programs currently available all revolve around a process that teaches you step by step what to do if someone has a medical emergency.

Quick References and Hilarity Below:

First up we have our hilarious video that gives you info with humor :).

Justin’s Story: an inspiring situation where CPR saved this young man’s life.

CPR Consultants wrote a nice article outlining when CPR is needed and some potential hazards associated. Worth a read!

Overall you can learn all you want about CPR, but you may never use it. If you talk to any healthcare professional or person who has given CPR you will always get the resounding ‘TAKE THE CLASS!’ answer.

CPR is life insurance for your family, friends and those around you.

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What is CPR?

Do you know what CPR is? Don’t be a fool! Your family may depend on you to know this!


Have you ever heard someone say CPR?
I bet you have.
It’s a commonly used to talk about a life saving technique with a very, very, very long name.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the process of compressing someone’s heart to push blood through their body to help them survive.

As healthcare professionals we learn the basic techniques early in our career. Always before we go from the classroom to the hospital. I see it as the basis of all emergency care.
You do a fast yet basic exam of the person. You call for more help, and then begin the medical procedure.

As people out in the world, you will almost never have to learn this technique unless required by an employer or some authority. Or maybe you experience someone having a medical emergency.

Either way, CPR is not a common technique to learn. That’s why we SHS exists!
This post is to connect a few resources to you. So for those interested to learn more here are a few resources.

American Heart Association – leading education system and research for CPR.
International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation – A middle man for all international resuscitation organizations.
Reader’s Digest – Their simple take on CPR
The Office – A hilarious video
Another hilarious video

In the end, it’s all up to you to learn CPR. You may never need it, or fate might step in and change your life. It’s up to you.
I personally have opted to take the life insurance plan called CPR.

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Mobile Blog (#Mblog) Introduction

The official CPRmobile Blog. Join the journey and become empowered.

Welcome to #Mblog. The blog created by CPRmobile where everything CPR, technology, personal skills, breathing, adult, child, and baby exists! We bring you relevant and up to date information that will empower you to learn and grow.

We believe everyone can learn the skills and techniques necessary to keep their family, friends, or coworkers safe and healthy.

So read on, share, comment… We are CPRmobile! #Mblog.

Read what we already got!

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