Payment Structure

(GCCA Members Only)

††CPR, AED, First Aid Certification Course Price Structure

Group = 4+ people
Everytime you purchase the initial price includes all fees. No hidden or add on fees.
You are purchasing the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR, AED, First Aid course designed for lay people such as teachers, coaches, trainers, all non-medical professionals. This course includes Adult, Child and Infant CPR at no extra cost.
CPR/AED classes are 2 hours, adding First Aid makes the class 4 hours.
We have blocked our time in 3 different time periods: Morning, Afternoon, and Evening. These fill up first-come-first-serve for those who process a payment. You do not need to pay for a class of 18 if you do not know who will come. We can reserve your spot for the Base Price ($260). If you do purchase class for 18 and 14 show, we will hold 4 spots for your organization at no extra charge.

For more information or clarification please contact us:
Phone: 207-577-7557

$260 = Base Price for 4 people
To add people the price is $55 per person.
Example: Class of 11 = $260 + ($55×7) = $645 total 

Price Tree Example
7 = $425
10 = $590
13 = $755
16 = $920
20 = $1,140

For Groups of 20+ please contact us directly. Price and class structure changes, further discounts apply.