CPR: What NOT To Do

What you shouldn’t do during CPR!


CPR is a simple process and if done correctly, or at all, could help save someone’s life.
BUT! Even a well meaning person might do something to hurt the victim.

Example? Look no further than this article. It outlines the steps you should take to make sure someone needs CPR. Their first step? To SHAKE and shout at someone to see if they’re awake.

Shaking is a bad term. It says “I need to rattle this guys brain out of his head!” Whether you do or not, the act of shaking anyone is a BAD idea! Adult, child or infant shaking can have a negative effect on a head/neck injury, or maybe even cause one.
Watch the content you consume. Especially with healthcare related articles or online certification programs.
CPRmobile is born from registered, accredited and trained medical professionals. We know that online training is an excellent tool to learn from.
BUT, when training in a physical process like CPR, its very important to take a skills test. It’s harder than you would think, and getting the feel
is more important than you think!

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What is CPR Used For?

Do you know what CPR is used for? Find out and have a laugh all at the same time. CPR is serious, but you don’t need to be serious to learn!


CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a process used when someone is either not breathing or their heart isn’t beating and is not breathing. CPR is the general name for the classic course required for many employees, camp counselors, nanny’s, or anyone in healthcare.

Why? Because it is the fastest way to save someone’s life if they happen to have a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. The programs currently available all revolve around a process that teaches you step by step what to do if someone has a medical emergency.

Quick References and Hilarity Below:

First up we have our hilarious video that gives you info with humor :).

Justin’s Story: an inspiring situation where CPR saved this young man’s life.

CPR Consultants wrote a nice article outlining when CPR is needed and some potential hazards associated. Worth a read!

Overall you can learn all you want about CPR, but you may never use it. If you talk to any healthcare professional or person who has given CPR you will always get the resounding ‘TAKE THE CLASS!’ answer.

CPR is life insurance for your family, friends and those around you.

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