Why Blended CPR Certification?

Online CPR certifications are fake. But there’s still an easier way to get certified! No more 4 hour classes. If you have a computer, tablet or cell phone you can be certified. Read More….

What is a Blended CPR course?

It’s the evolution of CPR training.

This version is available through all CPR organizations (such as American Heart Association, Red Cross, and ASHI). All of these programs are designed as a two step process.

First the student (that’s you) purchases the appropriate online course through the instructor OR through the organization.

BEWARE OF SCAMS! Online Only courses are not the same.

After the student takes the online portion and passes they will schedule a time with their instructor to perform the skills checkoff. This is the part that is absolutely required to finish your certification!!

After the skills check is finished you will receive an email with your certification card in it!

Your CPR card is good for 2 years. You can keep it on your phone, email, digitally, on paper… however you can think of it your card will be there!

Article written by Jason Robustelli BHS, RRT, BLS Instructor

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CPRmobile provides AHA Certified CPR Instructors and Guaranteed Certifications. For validation of the information shared please read further information via AHA’s official website.

What is CPR Used For?

Do you know what CPR is used for? Find out and have a laugh all at the same time. CPR is serious, but you don’t need to be serious to learn!


CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a process used when someone is either not breathing or their heart isn’t beating and is not breathing. CPR is the general name for the classic course required for many employees, camp counselors, nanny’s, or anyone in healthcare.

Why? Because it is the fastest way to save someone’s life if they happen to have a heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest. The programs currently available all revolve around a process that teaches you step by step what to do if someone has a medical emergency.

Quick References and Hilarity Below:

First up we have our hilarious video that gives you info with humor :).

Justin’s Story: an inspiring situation where CPR saved this young man’s life.

CPR Consultants wrote a nice article outlining when CPR is needed and some potential hazards associated. Worth a read!

Overall you can learn all you want about CPR, but you may never use it. If you talk to any healthcare professional or person who has given CPR you will always get the resounding ‘TAKE THE CLASS!’ answer.

CPR is life insurance for your family, friends and those around you.

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