What is CPR?

Do you know what CPR is? Don’t be a fool! Your family may depend on you to know this!


Have you ever heard someone say CPR?
I bet you have.
It’s a commonly used to talk about a life saving technique with a very, very, very long name.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is the process of compressing someone’s heart to push blood through their body to help them survive.

As healthcare professionals we learn the basic techniques early in our career. Always before we go from the classroom to the hospital. I see it as the basis of all emergency care.
You do a fast yet basic exam of the person. You call for more help, and then begin the medical procedure.

As people out in the world, you will almost never have to learn this technique unless required by an employer or some authority. Or maybe you experience someone having a medical emergency.

Either way, CPR is not a common technique to learn. That’s why we SHS exists!
This post is to connect a few resources to you. So for those interested to learn more here are a few resources.

American Heart Association – leading education system and research for CPR.
International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation – A middle man for all international resuscitation organizations.
Reader’s Digest – Their simple take on CPR
The Office – A hilarious video
Another hilarious video

In the end, it’s all up to you to learn CPR. You may never need it, or fate might step in and change your life. It’s up to you.
I personally have opted to take the life insurance plan called CPR.

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